Saturday, January 8, 2011

Carry Jesus with us wherever we go...

Last weekend, I had the privilege of worshiping together with 22,000 other people in the same place for 4 days! That's not including the hundreds of thousands across the world, some in underground churches and some while threatened for their lives. At one point while we were all singing and lifting up the name of Jesus, I wondered if this is what it is going to be like when Jesus returns. I couldn't help but to think of the whole world along with the angels glorifying and magnifying Jesus all together...what a day that will be!

Some notes from Passion 2011:

David Platt-
- 6.8 billion people in this world / 4.5 billion would spend an eternity in hell if Jesus came back today
- We do not have time to play games!
- We do not have time to live comfortable nominal Christian lives!
- Jesus is worth your life.
- Difference: We (the church) tries to do everything to draw people in, while Jesus showed them what it would cost to follow Him... everything!
- Jesus never said just do A-admit im a sinner. B-believe in me. C-confess im your Lord. (then you will be saved. He said, take up your cross, sell everything you have and follow me. a little different!
- We have redefined Jesus and Christianity to be what we want them to be. We have made Jesus in the image of us! (A nice, middle-class, happy church going man). And the danger in that is when we lift our hands to worship Jesus, we are no longer worshiping Jesus of the Bible, we are worshiping...ourselves!
- Oh, and just a reminder..we are not saved because of what some Roman soldiers did to Jesus. Jesus was taking on the entire sins of the world, past present and future! That is why he was sweating blood before he went to die.
- 3 things to remember! 1. Jesus is worthy of all of your trust! 2. When you follow after God, go and proclaim the kingdom of God! 3. Jesus is worthy of all of our affections (When you know God truly, you will love God deeply).

John Piper-
- Two questions: 1. Do you like making much of God (giving glory to Him) because you know He will make much of you (you will get the glory)? 2. When God makes much of you (out of your weaknesses) do you make much of Him (show how powerful He is)?
- To have your life reflect the second question, make God the bottom or root of your life so that when you live, He will spring through from the bottom like a fountain.
- 6 reasons God makes much of me: 1. by being pleased with us and by commending our lives (well done good and faithful servant). 2. by making us fellow heirs with His Son who is the owner of everything (Matthew 5). 3. by sitting at the table while Jesus serves us as a servant (Phil. 2) 4. by appointing us to carry out the judgment of angels (Daniel 7). 5. by ascribing value to us and making us a valuable possession (Zephaniah). 6. by granting you to sit with Christ on His throne (Revelation 3:21).
- So... God DOES make much of me. the question is, ranking!

Louie Giglio-
- There are many names we are associated with: Kesha, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Usher, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Nike, Adidas, North Face, Coach, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Miami Heat, Georgia Bulldogs, Florida State Seminoles and many many more... All these brands and teams are able to stay in business and keep going because we carry their name with us!

These were three of the many speakers at Passion conference.

So what about the most important name of all? What about the name that is above all names? What about the name that one day every knee will bow to? What about Jesus' name? Well, what about it? Are you willing to carry the name of Jesus with you everywhere? I think its about time to start stepping up and declaring that Jesus is the only one to be lifted up!

Passion was a unique experience that I hope and pray will not be lost in the next month or two months or 6 months or year... But in order for that to happen, we need to do some thing back here at home.

So what now..?
1) Never get comfortable! Ever. If we start to get comfortable, Satan starts to tell us that it is ok to slack and just be average again.
2) Your mindset should be that of everything is done for the glory of the Lord God Almighty! Always.
3) Remember, you and I are NOT perfect and will never be perfect. We will make mistake, we will screw up. But don't allow that to stop you and derail you from your ultimate goal of lifting Jesus up!