Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Worship- It's what we do!

Who thought it would snow so much in Macon, Ga!

I love to worship!

I love every part about it. However, many people think worship can only be singing songs. Worship is more than a song. Worship is a lifestyle and a choice. So many times I feel as though Christians are ok with NOT standing up for the "one" thing they worship. You have a choice to worship whatever, and wherever you want. The one thing you do not have a choice in doing is worshiping whenever you want. You always worship something! Whatever may be the one thing that you are giving the majority of your time and effort to is the one thing you hold high above everything else and worship. One of my favorite books about worship is "The Air I Breathe" by Louie Giglio. He shares a story of a time when he was flipping the television channels and stopped on Oprah. What he saw was mind-boggling! On the TV in front of him, Oprah was interviewing a guy named Michael Jackson. Ever heard of him? They showed one clip to the audience and one image was engraved on Louie's mind: the sight of a young girl with her arms outstretched and eyes glued on this man. She was singing praises to his name! He said that was the most intense worship he had ever seen, and it was for a man. A human being! A sinner just like you and me! How then can the human capacity to worship be so great and yet the one who deserves that worship be left in the background? Since I read that story, the way I look at worship is different. If I can worship another person with intense passion, I should be able to worship the maker of the heavens and earth exponential times more! I thought I would share with you what worship looks like in Uganda. I got this video from Francis Chan who is another one of my favorite authors.


Also, my spring semester started last month and one class I am taking is Physical Science. Now, although my teacher believes in evolution and the big bang theory, it is incredible to know what has to happen to make this universe run! Did you know that if the earth's moon would go even 1 mph faster, it would float away into space or 1 mph slower, it would crash into the earth? Did you know that even at the speed of light at 299,792,458 meters per second (186,000 miles per second!) it takes the light from the sun 8.5 minutes to reach the earth? That means we are seeing 8.5 minutes into the past if we look at the sun! How does someone look around and see all of this, and not believe that there IS a Divine Creator? That is the God we worship! And whether we choose to worship Him or not, He will still be that God.

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